Share, Care, and Repair

Sharing items, food and ideas helps us connect with our community, reduce
waste and increase abundance … Do you have clothes to give away, surplus food at mealtimes or a jar of sauce you know you won’t get through… Post on here with what you have spare? Or what do you need? **Look into possibility of linking with Too good to go, Freegle, Olio and others similar


Share you time with others. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time, or
enjoy talking about? Perhaps there are others in your neighbourhood who would love to share time with you… Suggest a walk, a cuppa or an organised litter pick, or perhaps you are an animal lover and can spare time to walk a neighbour’s your interest and wait for a match.


A directory for kind and clever folk who are happy to share their talent for
possible repairs. Do you have woodwork or needlework skills, maybe you are a retired engineer. Share your repair services here! Broken lawn mower, or a hole in your favourite jumper… please post here and wait for a repair match.


The Facebook Groups

The Share Care Repair innovation is in its early stages, so keep an eye on this space for more information as it develops

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